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Skid Steer Redesigned

Imagine a skid steer loader with the power and capabilities of world-class loaders, but with only one difference – zero environmental impact.

World's #1

One Of A Kind

Kovaco Electric is the first fully electric skid steer loader. 100 % environmentally friendly, it remains unique to the machinery world.

And it still is the only fully electric skid steer loader available to customers world wide!


Clean energy
2-6 hours of operation, 8+ hours with extended battery
96Vnominal voltage
3000+charging cycles
5,3 hcharging time
3,0 hcharging time to 80%
23 kWwith 240 Ah battery
39 kWwith 400 Ah battery
Gyro sensors
Kovaco proprietary self leveling platform
4 hydraulic speeds
Leveled at selected position
Higher chassis
Won't get stuck
ELISE chassis height
higher than competing products
chassis height
ELISE Hinge pin height
356mm higher than competing products*
*measured competing products mean the best available value of other products in similar category or function not limited by price
3300kgOperating weight
4200kgTotal weight
180barHydraulic oil pressure
65l/minHydraulic oil flow
40lHydraulic oil reservoir
More than just an environmentally sustainable
Like weight & stability.
more than competing products in the category
Microspeed for smooth movement
maximum climbing angle
0,1 km/hMinimum speed
4Speeds for movement
Precisely overcomes obstacles
Elise900 - Ergonomic design
Elise900 - Ergonomic design
Where others get stuck, we keep going
Ergonomic design
Loading capacity
with 400 Ah battery
with 240 Ah battery pack
Environment & Health
sound: ON* OFF*
Elise900 - Emission & noise
Elise900 - Emission & noise
CO2 per mile*
*Measured competing products were averaged.
*Elise is 3,5 times less noisy than competing products.
Smart technologies
Remotely controlled
Technical Specs

Specifications MetricImperial
Rated load capacity 900 kg
Tipping load 1 800 kg
Minimum travel speed 0,15 km/h
Maximum travel speed 12 km/h
Permanent maximum travel speed 12 km/h
Rated operating weight 3 300 kg
Total weight of the loader 4 200 kg
Electric engine type 3 x GEW
Rated power 3 x 10 kW
Maximum power 3 x 27 kW
Maximum torque 3 x 120 Nm
Specifications MetricImperial
Rated load capacity 1 984 lb
Tipping load 3 968 lb
Minimum travel speed 0,09 mph
Maximum travel speed 7,46 mph
Permanent maximum travel speed 7,46 mph
Rated operating weight 7 275 lb
Total weight of the loader 9 259 lb
Electric engine type 3 x GEW
Rated power 3 x 13,41 HP
Maximum power 3 x 36,21 HP
Maximum torque 3 x 88,51 lb ft
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